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The Power Of Mindset

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July 2, 2016
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July 7, 2016

The Manual to Why Most Successful People Feel Unfulfilled and What to Do About Itr

L ike most of us, I was made to believe during my childhood years that the ultimate source of happiness is money, and that it's the “panacea” for all our struggles.” 

So, I worked very hard and early on accomplished financially, what many people don’t in a lifetime. By the time I was in my early twenties, I had already owned two businesses generating six-figure residual income every month that continued to increase every year.

Each year, I would work less, but make more money. I assumed I would feel secure, happy and successful by having what I never had growing up: financial stability.

The truth was, I felt empty and unaccomplished. The thirst and desire for success never went away. Somehow, my thirst wasn't quenched. 
 I began to look at other areas of my life that lacked success and started to understand, if the other areas of my life are unbalanced, I could not achieve happiness and success regardless of how much money and financial success I achieved.

This was when I truly felt like I was the most successful man on earth despite the fact that I wasn't the wealthiest, healthiest, had the biggest family, or the most friends. Yet, I had found what I had been searching for my entire life, a healthy BALANCE of family, fitness, friendships and finances.

The Power Of Mindset outlines 14 Life Changing Principles on how to achieve real happiness and success.

T he 14 Life Changing Principles I share in The Power Of Mindset will guide you towards a balanced successful life, and will help you understand and develop habits of continuous success with purpose.
If you have ever enjoyed temporary success in the past, and wondered how to replicate a more consistent and sustainable lifestyle for the future, then what I share in this book will be of great benefit. 

This book will serve as a manual to the basics of a healthy mind, and a purposeful life. Everything is at your fingertips; and it all comes down to your mindset. 
The 14 principles will guide you through the basic stages of mental push-ups, to help you become a more capable person.

The Power Of Mindset helps you develop a stronger sense of self, and find balance with four distinct areas of your life that are essential for your success - Family, Fitness, Friendships and Finances

The conditions that lead to success never come before the mindset. Achieving true success requires that you fulfill these four factors: Family, Fitness, Friendship, Finances. Let me show you how

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