The Power of Mindset

Module 1 Chapter One
Unit 1 The Four F's That You Need to Succeed
Unit 2 Clarity, Action, Activity and Results
Unit 3 The Past, Present and Future
Module 2 Chapter Two
Unit 1 Short Life Lessons and What to Learn From Them
Unit 2 Small Progress, Big Results
Unit 3 Setting Up an Effective Schedule
Module 3 Chapter Three
Unit 1 Emotions and How They Affect the Decisions We Make
Unit 2 The 30 Attempt Rule
Unit 3 Letting Go of Your Regrets
Module 4 Chapter Four
Unit 1 On Giving and Asking Advice
Unit 2 Becoming What You Want by Examining Yourself
Unit 3 What You've Never Done Can Get You What You've Never Had
Module 5 Chapter Five
Unit 1 Controlling the Positive in Your Life
Unit 2 Unconditional Positive Result
Unit 3 Counting Your Blessings
Module 6 Chapter Six
Unit 1 The 7 Deadly Sins
Unit 2 Understanding and Defining the 7 Deadly Sins
Unit 3 Dealing With the 7 Deadly Sins
Module 7 Chapter Seven
Unit 1 Unhealthy Competitive Syndrome VS Healthy Competitive Syndrome
Unit 2 How to Use Competition to Your Advantage
Unit 3 Competing With Your Inner Self
Module 8 Chapter Eight
Unit 1 All About Relationships; and Why They Are Important in Our Lives
Unit 2 Managing the Relationships in Your Life
Unit 3 You Are in Control: Choosing the Right Relationships
Module 9 Chapter Nine
Unit 1 "How you do anything is how you do everything."
Unit 2 Positivity is a Choice
Unit 3 Counting Your Blessings
Module 10 Chapter Ten
Unit 1 On Why Giving Unconditionally is the Right Thing to Do
Unit 2 Be Selfish So You Can Give More
Unit 3 Finding the Balance Between Giving and Saying No
Module 11 Chapter Eleven
Unit 1 Productivity and Enabling Others
Unit 2 Helping VS Enabling / Disabling
Unit 3 Helping by Letting Them Realize Problems on Their Own
Module 12 Chapter Twelve
Unit 1 The Inner Beast
Unit 2 Turning Your Inner Beast into Strength
Unit 3 Unleash the Inner Beast in You
Module 13 Chapter Thirteen
Unit 1 What's your Excuse?
Unit 2 Excuses Limit Your True Potential
Unit 3 Working Around That Excuse
Module 14 Chapter Fourteen
Unit 1 The Power of Change
Unit 2 Facing Your Problems; and How to Get Better From Them
Unit 3 Looking Forward to Your Problems
Module 15 In Closing
Unit 1 Epilogue