Ali A

Hayk’s The Power of Mindset is a modern masterpiece that examines strategies and philosophies within the self-help genre as well as the author’s own discoveries and refines them into a comprehensive coherent practical approach of how to attain success and happiness and become the best you can become. The author illustrates how to develop the … Read more

Tigran Mirzoyan

The power of mindset give a wonderful breakdown of the things we know we should be doing , but don’t know how to, and things we didn’t know we could do to achieve what we would like to untimely achieve. The book is written from first hand experience and is easily repeatable. Think of it … Read more


A very unique approach of defining success and happiness. Even if you only take away one thing from this book it’s worth every penny. Highly recommend.


What an amazing book! The principles that Hayk enlightens the reader with are absolutely true to the core. If you have not began your path towards Personal Mastery, starting with #ThePowerOfMindset by Hayk Tadevosyan is the perfect place.

Argam Zaghian

Consider this as a success manual. The material in this book helped me become a business owner when I used to load trucks for living. It’s a must read.


I finally found a book with real, actionable steps I can actually apply. I’ve read dozens of books from all the great authors, this is the first one I’ve ever recommended to my close friends. Inspires change through relatable stories and clear steps.