Life is Not a Race! Is it?

My mind doesn’t work as complex as other analytical people’s I know, so I like simple analogies that make sense to me and here what I came up with and shared with my team this morning on our pump up call. Got some good feedback and wanted to share the details.

In so many ways I had things go “not as planned”, or had the results I did not want. Very often I let the outcome influence pretty much every good thought I had. There is a great saying “failure does not have to define you, it should refine you” . When truly committing to yourself you will develop a better way to control your two motivational engines or I can call your engine and your transmission. Whether to fear which will always make you believe the bad and the negative or faith which will give you courage, fearlessness and no limit attitude. But, one cannot exist without the other. The engine will rev but without the shifting of gears the speed will remain the same. I understand the electric car field works differently but please bare with me and let’s go with my example for now of engine and transmission.

Fear in many ways is the engine, without it courage is just a transmission and without both working together the vehicle will not move, let’s ignore that there are hundred of other moving factors that drive a car. Fear is the (engine) that revs, it will be there and will develops the same amount of power at all times as it consumes fuel (our energy), but the transmission (our awareness and understanding of when change is needed) can tell it how fast, how slow to go, put it in reverse when needed or put in neutral. Let’s also talk little about the pedals. The gas pedal is (our will, our motivation), break pedal is our (cautious optimism). A race car driver has to absolutely work on his fear of stepping off the gas pedal too early, fear of breaking too early but while on the verge of an accident due to the speed they are moving. The consistent good racer doesn’t necessarily go the fastest but they are the consistent one around the track, they learn to get to the turn (our decision making) with most amount of speed while in the right gear, they break at the right time and once in the turn the try to lose no momentum and when the car is straightened out racer ounce again let’s off the breaks completely and puts the gas pedal to the floor as he knew while on the turn stepping on the gas pedal could have been deadly. Let’s look at the track as our (life-path over time). As long as you recognize the proper gears needed entering a corner, knowing how much to break and when, knowing when to step on the gas pedal the engine will do exactly what you need it to do. Just as fear, as long as you recognize that sometimes you need to switch gears, slow down even stop when needed, take proper turns and when off the road turn back towards the road you will always cross the finish line. Unlike the race track in life you are not racing against others, you are racing against yourself and as long as you cross the finish line you are a winner. You just have to understand how all components work “together” not “separately”, same goes for a watch, all parts work together towards one common goal which is to tell time. You don’t learn to drive a car overnight, same with self awareness, same with controlling fear, courage, time, it takes time and practice, but as long as you understand when you get off track all you have to do is switch gears, let engine do the work, select proper gear, steer back towards the road, step on the gas pedal and you will be back on track towards the finish line.