Don’t Feed Crap To Your Mind

1+ Mind works exactly same as our body. You feed it crap it starts looking and functioning like crap, you feed it with healthy and balanced nutrients it starts looking and functioning like a well oiled machine. The unfortunate truth about maintaining a healthy mindset especially right now is media and pessimists keeps on feeding … Read more

Be Positive

2+ Simple challenges are the ones we act upon as I’ve been guilty of building too complex of plans only to let the intimidation of the plans complexity scared me away. Here is a simple one. Be the most positive person in the room for one ☝️ day. 🧠 Mentally prepare today and really do … Read more

E223- Hayk Tadevosyan

Introduction Denis O’Brien [0:38] Episode 223 Hayk Tadevosyan. Hey money clan a warm welcome to the Chain of Wealth podcast. I’m your host, Denis O’Brien. Katie Welsh [1:18] And I’m Katie Walsh. Denis O’Brien [0:50] So Katie, awesome time catching up with Hayk today. He was on the podcast just over a year ago. Katie Welsh [0:56] Yeah. And … Read more

How To Make Diamonds

4+ There are many definitions to discipline. on the 2nd definition which I liked more than all the other definitions I looks up says: activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training: Activity, exercise, regimen, refine, improvement, skill, training, developement, hard work, ethics, open mind-ness, the list goes one? Does … Read more