Change and Growth

Little throwback moment to my first Time Trial race. – this was an important lesson about change and growth. Although cycling was never a part of my fitness life growing up it has recently really grown on me. On the subject of growth- it is extremely important to try new things as it’s difficult to … Read more

Givers Have More

Two weeks ago I was asked to share some business best practices on a conference call with a group of business owners in Hawaii. Today I received this nice surprise in the mail. Although I never help conditionally, it’s something I have allot of passion for and really find joy in bringing value to others. … Read more

You Find What You Seek

This happened at my favorite drive thru coffee stand. Monday is my favorite day of the week – it’s my family Day, that’s the day I dont work, I don’t take any calls and “try” to avoid training. My Mondays are dedicated to my family and one family activity that we have consistently done is … Read more

What Makes a Kind Person

Once I was asked what makes a kind person? I honestly had no answer so we discussed this question and our conclusion was – a kind person is one who is unconditionally kind to people they don’t have to be kind to. If you think about it – you have to be kind to your … Read more

Do What You Have Never Done

I remember eleven years ago when I was broke and hopeless but at the same time hungry and determined – one of the corporate coaches that was helping me during an internship before I started my insurance business said. “To be where you have never been you must do what you have never done”. It … Read more

Yesterday’s Home Runs Don’t Win Today’s Games.

Here is a reminder to start off the week with a bit more awareness about winning the day. Most great lessons are not new, often great lessons find their way back to our attention- in different ways. This was one of them for me today. This is a reminder that we continuously need to sharpen … Read more

Don’t Feed Crap To Your Mind

Mind works exactly same as our body. You feed it crap it starts looking and functioning like crap, you feed it with healthy and balanced nutrients it starts looking and functioning like a well oiled machine. The unfortunate truth about maintaining a healthy mindset especially right now is media and pessimists keeps on feeding crap … Read more

Materials Possessions That We Don’t Need

There is truth and false to this saying that has been exaggerated over the last decade. The truth is there are plenty of people that do buy material possession for the wrong reasons such as – to impress, show off and often to fill a void in their hearts. Especially the last 10 years with … Read more

Be Positive

Simple challenges are the ones we act upon as I’ve been guilty of building too complex of plans only to let the intimidation of the plans complexity scared me away. Here is a simple one. Be the most positive person in the room for one ☝️ day. 🧠 Mentally prepare today and really do your … Read more

Coronavirus – what does it really mean to you

Just few months ago if you told me that my wife and I would go to the store looking like Sub Zero from Mortal Combat and it would be a normal thing, we would have an argument 😡. In such a short time so much changed in the way we work, interact, shop, think and … Read more