Don’t Feed Crap To Your Mind

Mind works exactly same as our body. You feed it crap it starts looking and functioning like crap, you feed it with healthy and balanced nutrients it starts looking and functioning like a well oiled machine.

The unfortunate truth about maintaining a healthy mindset especially right now is media and pessimists keeps on feeding crap to us. And people do a great job letting that negative info impact them and they now carry it with them everywhere they go infecting others.

My message to you on this Friday is, think about this image, work on the Minds diet by controlling what you intake because if you don’t watch the intake you will be consumed by vast amount of crap you are surrounded with.

Just like any healthy diet you won’t see positive results right away. Stay consistent and before you know it, your minds ability to handle issues, difficulties, rejection, adversity, disagreements, other people crap gets drastically improved. #stayawayfromcrap