Yesterday’s Home Runs Don’t Win Today’s Games.

Here is a reminder to start off the week with a bit more awareness about winning the day.
Most great lessons are not new, often great lessons find their way back to our attention- in different ways. This was one of them for me today.

This is a reminder that we continuously need to sharpen our axe 🪓 as it’s only matter of time till it gets dull and less effective.
Although it’s the same tree 🌳 we are attempting to cut down, the effort to do so with a bad axe can be allot more difficult. Well, same goes with our mindset 🧠, if we are not continuously sharpening our skills, toughening our mind, educating ourselves, reading, podcasts, surrounding ourselves with capable people, learning from our mistakes etc. it’s only a matter of times till the same basic daily challenges become tougher and tougher 💪.

Challenges like handing of arguments, rejection, work related tasks, dealing with your boss/coworkers/employees, getting along with people, empathy, understanding, compassion, critical thinking, criticism, critique, handling finances 💰, having patience for your children 👶, having the capacity to still work out 🏋️‍♀️ despite the tough day at work etc. – the reminder is this, just because you were good at handling these things at one point it doesn’t mean you always will be.

Difficulties of life don’t get more difficult, the ironic thing is we just get weaker when we don’t train ourselves to either maintain our mental strength or work on getting stronger.

Happy Monday everyone, work on something that makes you mentally tougher today, if you are not sure where to start I always say start your day with a tough task. It could be a tough workout, call someone positive in the AM, make the difficult phonecall 📲 you have been avoiding, listen to a good podcast or audiobook 📚, – rest of the day just seems a bit easier when you get the tough part out of the way first.