Do What You Have Never Done

I remember eleven years ago when I was broke and hopeless but at the same time hungry and determined – one of the corporate coaches that was helping me during an internship before I started my insurance business said. “To be where you have never been you must do what you have never done”.
It really clicked with me as I had never taken major risks, I hadn’t really ever worked hard, never showed up early – never left late, never was laser focused, never was the most positive person in the room, never had a long term goal never mastered a skill and never seriously committed to anything.
Which is exactly what had lead me to the poor place in life I was in.

If I wanted change I had to do the things I haven’t done which were complete opposites such as long hours, hard work, mastering a skill set, compromise, patience and long term commitment.

The saying was so true, my life completely changed with time as I laser focused on those opposites. I started waking up early, started reading good books, training, putting in the work, became smarter and more positive, put my pride aside, learned to delay gratification, long hours became a norm, was ok being overworked and underpaid at the beginning and things started to change in my life.

Today I feel spoiled with the abundance of gratitude I have in my life in business, health, family and in my relationships.
So the lesson is simple today: you want something you have never had? Go do something you have never done!