Materials Possessions That We Don’t Need

There is truth and false to this saying that has been exaggerated over the last decade.

The truth is there are plenty of people that do buy material possession for the wrong reasons such as – to impress, show off and often to fill a void in their hearts. Especially the last 10 years with the growth of social media and online blogging where literally anyone could be anything they want.

BUT the false is there are a lot of motivated people that like things like cars, clothes, nice homes, nice vacations etc for the right reasons. These are the people that “Buy the right stuff they want to keep themselves sharp, motivated and focused”. These are the people that are very passion driven, positive, don’t bend Gods or mans laws, contribute to their communities, volunteer, take care of their loved ones and are great examples of people that make a difference.

The unfortunate part about today’s “show off culture” is we often can’t tell the difference between the people that do this for the right or the wrong reasons without actually getting to know them. Which is why I always say don’t judge, don’t point fingers and don’t gossip as you can be pleasantly surprised who someone truly is when you spend some time with them.

So yes people do often buy stuff they don’t need with money they don’t have to impress the people they don’t like BUT there are also allot of people that buy the stuff they want with money they have for all the right reasons.