Be Positive

Simple challenges are the ones we act upon as I’ve been guilty of building too complex of plans only to let the intimidation of the plans complexity scared me away.
Here is a simple one. Be the most positive person in the room for one ☝️ day.
🧠 Mentally prepare today and really do your best with this tomorrow.
This was an advice I got from a peer who wrote a good book 📖 called “Train Your Brain for Success”.
When he told me this simple hack it really resonated with me. He said 🎙“if you can just be the most positive person in the room you will be successful”.
That really got me thinking about my business success. We are one of the top producing agencies in the state and it’s certainly not because of my charm, intelligence, deep thinking, organized thought etc – as for those who know me I’m goofy, not the smartest person in the room, not the most structured, I forget things allot but one thing people that know me well will say is – I am usually the most positive person in the room.
So I urge you to begin with trying this for one ☝️ day and self reflection. Then repeat, and if you do it enough times you just might like it so much – you might make it a habit.
And if you’re wondering how – here is a start.
Encourage people to count their blessings, ask how they are doing with a positive voice and listen, encourage people to drink more water, to stretch more, offer people your help, call someone who can use your energy, smile more, wish people a good day, tell others you believe in them, ask a peer how you can help to make their day better etc.
When there is a will there is a way, if you really want to learn to make people around you feel good about themselves you will find a method. And if you can master this skill of making people around you feel good about themselves this will really change your life.