Coronavirus – what does it really mean to you

Just few months ago if you told me that my wife and I would go to the store looking like Sub Zero from Mortal Combat and it would be a normal thing, we would have an argument 😡.
In such a short time so much changed in the way we work, interact, shop, think and live, heck a friend of mine just got a first time virtual plumbing job done at his house🏡.
This is really interesting to me and I keep on asking myself one question-

I’m continuously wonder whether me, you, others are focusing on the right things. I’m noticing two sides to this whole “making sense” of everything obsession.

1. The Obsessed Believers: The people that are researching, reading, asking and wondering all the different possibility’s of this virus. These are the people that are doing their best to become experts in the subject and want to know everything and anything they can about it. Although their expertise matters to them it does nothing but create more opinions and disagreements between all the different theories out there.

2. The Conspiracy Theorists: These are the people that are looking for all the reasons why the virus is fake and are focused on the conspiracy behind the entities who are influencing masses with fear for their greater long term benefit. Can’t tell you how many different version I’ve heard already why this is fake, mainly around someone else’s financial gain or gain of control over the masses.

Now I’m sure all of us fall into one, two or in between both. But here is a simple truth I’ll share that I believe is what we should all focus more on. The truth is WHAT DO WE SOLVE BY LEARNING MORE ABOUT THE THINGS WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER.

For example: If you are freaked out of Earthquakes do you research them more until the fear goes away?
That fear driven research pulls you away from the very things that ACTUALLY matter and the things that you ACTUALLY have control over. Things like:
– Your relationship with your spouse, kids, parents, relatives, friends and peers.

– Your focus on your work as like it or not whether you have a job or are looking for one both need your undivided attention to fulfill its purpose of job satisfaction and income.

– Your health – almost every person I know in poor health says the same thing “I’m just not motivated enough” and how can one have motivation, time or focus on a diet and exercise routine when they are focusing on why the government is bad, why the country is bad, why the economy is bad why things are deliberately planned against them. That’s a hard life thinking someone is always out to get you if you ask me.

– For this specific scenario – we also very much control social distancing, staying away from others, washing hands and basic precautionary steps to prevent the virus from spreading.

Not to be insensitivity I do understand everyone. We’re all afraid, this virus has impacted and killed people I know. You would be weird if you weren’t afraid or at least concerned. I also agree that there are lots of people that can take advantage of this. Plenty of investors will double and triple their money in stocks or other opportunities that this crash brings. As most great wealth is created when the market is down not the other way around.

Being worried about all those things that we have no control over does one thing- it impacts our ability to focus on the important controllables we have. My recommendation to anyone today, are you letting the media, the fake news, the scary statistics, what the president said, what some celebrity said adversely impact you? If you are then I’m just asking you to think of your immediate items of control that need your attention. As end of day the most important things require you to be present, in the right mood and in the right state of mind – these fear driven thoughts aren’t helping any of those things.

Stay safe everyone, we will get through this, focus on what you can control, the rest will take care of itself. God Bless!