TIME – Today’s Importance of My Efforts

T.I.M.E. – Today’s Importance of My Efforts.

Today– what’s the significance of today? Why is it important to do what can be done today and not let it wait till tomorrow?

Future fear is a big driver of today’s worry in our society and I’m no exception to this. We are so afraid of what might happen tomorrow that today becomes an obstacle. I can’t recall who quoted this but I repeat it to myself and my peers all the time “98% of all future fear never happens”, I have experienced this first hand in my life and sometimes it’s more like 100%. If that’s true than why do we focus so much about tomorrow’s worries that never occur?

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Reason why I love this saying is it’s on point and very easy to relate to. Today is most important part of time as if the day is in order so is the week, month, year etc. Focusing on developing a habit to have the most productive, best planned and purposeful day is key. I have successfully implemented an execution of no future fear with several of my colleagues, partners, employees and even family on the key of success in pretty much everything we do is to do your best today and let faith worry about tomorrow.

Importance – what is importance? There are several definitions I heard of but here is mine: importance is the intentional execution of purposeful priorities. Doing nothing is also part of “doing”, you can choose to do something purposeful, or do nothing. The effort is the same it just comes down to the matter of letting things control you or you controlling things. Average person watches 3 hours of television per day, sleeps 8 hours per day and 2 hours of useless web surfing per day. I don’t mean to put anyone down but for the sake of priorities let’s use an example. I can safely assume health, family, career and friends are more important than  TV, Internet surfing or too much sleep. I learned this lesson way too late in my life but at least it came one day. I realized 8 hours of sleep per day was too much, so I cut to 6, I eliminated TV completely and cut online surfing down to under an hour. That’s about 6 hours per day I found to myself, what did I do with the 6 hours? What an we all do with 60 extra hours every 10 days? I got back in really good physical shape, started writing more book content, started spending more time on things that made me feel successful such as family, high priority business items and volunteer work. Everyone has priorities, key is to put them in order and convert wasted time and allocate accordingly. Building a faily foundation and being purposeful with it will determine how tall you can build your sky scraper.

My Effort– why my effort? Because it’s mine, no one else is to blame for my failure, no one else is to be praised for my success. I think allot of times we point outside to blame things other than us for undesired results in something, market wasn’t good, my stocks crashed, it was a bad time for everyone, my relationship held me back, I didn’t have time for health, I’m surrounded with people that make me negative etc. What you don’t know is that you don’t surround yourself with what or who you want but more of what YOU ARE.

Surroundings can be blamed but that was the condition that followed by who we are first. Mindset always comes before the condition, and before we blame others we have to understand that it’s not about not having enough time at the end of the day, it’s not about being too busy or having things that hold us back. It all starts with a mindset tweak to be more intentional with time and staying consistent. Small daily changes is what brings unimaginative results over period of time.