You Find What You Seek

This happened at my favorite drive thru coffee stand.

Monday is my favorite day of the week – it’s my family Day, that’s the day I dont work, I don’t take any calls and “try” to avoid training. My Mondays are dedicated to my family and one family activity that we have consistently done is our Costco trips. And recently we discovered this coffee shop across the street from there, so it became our ritual to get coffee here as we start our day.

The guy that owns the shop is usually there and makes amazing coffee, probably best coffee in town – his name is Giovanni. Super nice guy, full of energy, in good mood and he always has something nice written on a A sign chalk board sitting right in front where you would wait in your car for the coffee order. He writes positive messages on the board, things like “Have a Nice Day or You are Awesome, Today Will Be a Great Day etc”.

So of course I complimented him on his words of affirmation since it’s a passion of mine and it striked a good conversation about what books we read, quotes we like, power of positivity, mindset, kindness and business. So I shared one of my favorite quotes with him and gifted him a copy of my book.
A week later we drove in to get coffee and see the quote I shared written on the board. When I asked Giovanni about it he said he has been getting allot of positive feedback on this quote and he usually changes what he has up there daily but he kept it up for a week because of customer feedback. What he said brought me so much joy, little things like these make me very excited.

Why am I sharing this. First of all the quote on the board is not my quote, as most good things I share they are all stolen, copied and plagiarized but I am proud of the ability I’m blessed with to steal good ideas, quotes, thoughts, philosophies, processes etc from good people and implement them in my life. My message with this post is in two parts.

1. Be in the moment, quit fearing the future and reliving the “could have should have, would have” moments from your past. And enjoy the moment, you only have this one temporary life so make the best of it.
2. Steal, copy, plagiarize good ideas.You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Can you imagine how hard it would be to make your own tires out of your garage?! That was a rhetorical question. Good stuff is out there and we find what we seek. Find it, implement it in your life and of course don’t forget to share with others as you never know what kind of and in what amount of value a small conversation can bring to someone.