Givers Have More

Two weeks ago I was asked to share some business best practices on a conference call with a group of business owners in Hawaii. Today I received this nice surprise in the mail.

Although I never help conditionally, it’s something I have allot of passion for and really find joy in bringing value to others. So you can say I am selfish in wanting to help others- it brings me joy. But I never expect anyone to give gifts, recognition or attention for it. That being said one of my love languages is Words of Affirmation, although the chocolates are a very thoughtful gift that my team and I absolutely loved, I can’t tell you how much a hand written letter meant to me from the group leader.

Here is my reminder to you all with this message. Give unconditionally and never have expectation- find joy in helping others. Although many times there will be no response from others, sometimes you might get chocolates or thank you notes, the most important part of being a giver is you have a much more fulfilled life. This is the best way to surround yourself with good people as when you give – givers get drawn to you, and takers find discomfort in you so they find a way to distance themselves. So in a selfish way — to have a more fulfilled and purposeful relationships is to give.