Good Advice VS Bad Advice

Advice Formula: I’m sure I’m not just speaking for myself but we all need to be humble and modest enough to ask for advice. Most people will love to give advice as we are genetically predisposed to giving advice, it just comes down to the question whether it’s good advice. Just because the advice was … Read more

Clarity – without it don’t even bother

C.A.A.R. or Car, the vehicle used to get you from point A to point B formula. Clarity + Action + Activity = Results Formula Between running multiple businesses, new born, another baby on the way, team management, accounting, fitness and all the relationships I had to keep up with I was beginning to feel the … Read more

Why is Calculated Risk Key in Execution

When analyzing your past you can observe what choices you had made, the results from the choices and learn what worked and what didn’t. Over time when making choices we get wiser with decision making as few hard lessons teach us how to be more conservative towards making choices. Over time and with practice we … Read more

Self-Learning (Why some learn and some never do)

Throughout the years there are certain lessons we all go through, many lessons are inevitable but unfortunately certain lessons are ignored although crucial for personal development. The lessons in many ways can be, difficult times, failure, unlucky moments or disguises of lessons dressed in camouflage that is built to fit in with adversity. Certain lessons … Read more

Life is Not a Race! Is it?

My mind doesn’t work as complex as other analytical people’s I know, so I like simple analogies that make sense to me and here what I came up with and shared with my team this morning on our pump up call. Got some good feedback and wanted to share the details. In so many ways … Read more