You never attract what you want, only what you are!

I’ll use hiring people as an example as one of most expensive and challenging parts of running an organization is hiring and everyone wants to have good employees and when I ask other employers what they’re looking for I often hear the following. I want motivated, hard working, focused, determined, driven, positive, coachable employees! So I learned to ask “is that who and what you ARE?” Because “YOU NEVER ATTRACT WHO and WHAT YOU WANT BUT ALWAYS ATTRACT WHO and WHAT YOU ARE”. When you don’t like your friends, don’t like your peers, you don’t like your employees there is a common patter I’ve observed in that scenario over time. Have you ever stepped back and realized what or who are you attracting? Because they are all an extension of you. As employers we can make a bad judgement and hire bad people therefore you fire them, there is a good saying in the hiring business “be slow to hire and quick to fire” but with time you will find employees you like and will settle with, unfortunately and fortunately we will settle with the people we bring in that make us most comfortable. Depending on who and what you are that comfort level will all be a factor of yourself and yourself only. How can you be comfortable with a positive, ambitious, hard working person when you are negative, scared and lazy?. Hopefully that’s not the mentality in marriage or health commitments as those can be permanent traits and only way to make tweaks there, is to tweak you first. Would you marry the wrong person? That was not yes or no question that was an IQ question. So how does someone attract good or your idea of good people into your life. Dale Carnegie wrote a very good book called “How to Make Friends and Influence People” I will highly encourage to read this book this was one of the first self-help books published and has sold millions of copies. It’s a success because it talks about the “why” behind being genuinely interested in people is important, why we should smile, why positivity is a key in winning with people. It’s almost contagious to be positive but very hard to start just as it is to start a new job, start a business, staring physical training. Old habits die hard but no one has had a regretful workout that lead to good results or regretted working hard to get a raise. So why don’t we practice positivity, smiling, good habits, good decision making and attracting the right kind of people to us just like we start exercise? If no one regrets positive results from a good workout or a good diet why would we regret results from surrounding ourselves with good people? That also was not a yes or no question but an IQ question.

Your body, mind and soul works on the same scale of consistent patterns. So just when we think we are too different and unique to follow the rules of hard, boring dedicated work we need to think again. Just as the new kid with drivers license and a sports car, might get away for a little while not obeying the rules of the road but give it time and reality will bring him down to earth and possibly take his/her freedom away. I’ve had acquaintances that were busy having “fun” and “enjoying” life and pointing fingers at me when I had my head down in books and in building my business, my health and attracting the right kind of people in my life. I could have at the time call those acquaintances my friends, “those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter” this was very true. My good friends are now like brothers and sisters to me and OK friend are as if I never knew them. Compounding Law of Attraction, we can even say “Compounding Law of Pushing things that don’t matter out of your way”. Why am I saying this, healthy body is interconnected to a healthy mind, Law of Attraction says you will attract your own kind. How would you like to attract attractive, positive, willing to help positive people in your life?