Bad Addictions – painful progress

Wanting the next thing and wanting progress over time gets us addicted to starting things, getting passionate while in the progress but never finishing. The journey of the process is usually the best part, we get so focused on the journey or the progress we become addicted. In many ways when we get what we thought we wanted, we realize it’s not exactly what we wanted, “grass was not greener on the other side” being emotional beings we only remember how we felt during the progress as that’s the only time we had the thought of getting what we want. The destination is only described to us by us and often when we get there and realize it’s not what we expected. Therefore the only real time you thought of your destination in the way you wanted, was the time you were working hard to achieving it. This journey or the time of progress becomes what we enjoyed the most on the way to what we thought was what we wanted. This can lead to always wanting what you will never have therefore the progress becomes the only real joy in doing things so we become addicted to it. This is something we don’t do intentionally, this is unconscious information we feed our mind and our mind reacts to all information not just the conscious stuff we feed it. We start things just to start them but not to finish, this becomes the dependency in perception of progress. The habit of getting things started becomes in a way of an addiction. Drunks hate the idea of a hang over but the drinking period of how it feel and how the body reacts during the process is what’s addicting and what feels good. Later when the drunk wants to drink the progress feeling outweighs the aftermath of drinking or any other negative potential result so they consume alcohol anyway as the only real addiction is the addiction of how it feels during the process not how it is when you are done. Failing becomes an addiction in a way of always starting but never finishing things, being addicted to progress is almost a killer of pushing things through to the finish line. The idea of three feet from gold comes from this concept, temporary defeat and discouragement makes you quit early and want to move on to the next thing as this progress m is not bringing what you want anymore. With time enthusiasm goes away, energy is gone, it becomes the result we did not want without realizing the real result is right around the corner. All limits we set are limitations we impose on ourselves, a good friend once shared with me when I was going through some difficulty and having negative thoughts, he said “whether you think it’s good or bad, whether you think you’re right or wrong, whether you think you can or cannot you are probably right”.