Busy or Productive? What’s the Diffetence?

Well being busy and being productive are two very same yet very different factors that correlate. I heard a saying and I’m most likely not saying it word for word and don’t even remember who said it but it went something like this “discipline is when you know what you have to do, when you have to do it, while you don’t want to do it” it’s very easy to plan around it but most difficult to actually execute. This discipline requires change of habits and schedule management. There are people who find themselves in a comfort bubble which create illusion of disorder. This attitude usually causes a small and sometimes big case of delusion-ality or delusion reality. You start making up all different reasons to ignore the “law” the “rule” and use maybe your last success story or another persons failure not to follow the rules. If the rule says you have to run 1 mile per day and it didn’t work for a friend, or you had different results in the past you create a filter that shuts down any rule of success for physical discipline of your body. I can relate as if I would run 1 mile per day and eat all I want at age 18 no matter what my body looked great. After taking couple of years off of diet and exercise, you can try the same routine from age 18 and it will most likely result in failure, therefore you create an elusion of you having to do now more of what you did in the past, consequently you stress out about the extra work and never even start but what you don’t realize is you have to start and track results daily to see what needs to be tweaked as what worked in the past can be the enemy of today’s outcome. I have a process which I will share later that most effectively focuses on productivity and uses business to fuel it.