Busy or Productive? What’s the Diffetence?

Well being busy and being productive are two very same yet very different factors that correlate. I heard a saying and I’m most likely not saying it word for word and don’t even remember who said it but it went something like this “discipline is when you know what you have to do, when you … Read more

Bad Addictions – painful progress

Wanting the next thing and wanting progress over time gets us addicted to starting things, getting passionate while in the progress but never finishing. The journey of the process is usually the best part, we get so focused on the journey or the progress we become addicted. In many ways when we get what we … Read more

STOP Giving to Takers

My office manager approached me frustrated today. He was upset with a friend of his that never met him half way. My manager felt that he would always help, assist, be fair to his friend but when it came for the friend to return the favor he never truly did his part, at least not … Read more

Good Advice VS Bad Advice

Advice Formula: I’m sure I’m not just speaking for myself but we all need to be humble and modest enough to ask for advice. Most people will love to give advice as we are genetically predisposed to giving advice, it just comes down to the question whether it’s good advice. Just because the advice was … Read more

Life is Not a Race! Is it?

My mind doesn’t work as complex as other analytical people’s I know, so I like simple analogies that make sense to me and here what I came up with and shared with my team this morning on our pump up call. Got some good feedback and wanted to share the details. In so many ways … Read more