TIME – Today’s Importance of My Efforts

T.I.M.E. – Today’s Importance of My Efforts. Today– what’s the significance of today? Why is it important to do what can be done today and not let it wait till tomorrow? Future fear is a big driver of today’s worry in our society and I’m no exception to this. We are so afraid of what might happen … Read more

How To Make Diamonds

There are many definitions to discipline. Dictionary.com on the 2nd definition which I liked more than all the other definitions I looks up says: activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training: Activity, exercise, regimen, refine, improvement, skill, training, developement, hard work, ethics, open mind-ness, the list goes one? Does this … Read more

You never attract what you want, only what you are!

I’ll use hiring people as an example as one of most expensive and challenging parts of running an organization is hiring and everyone wants to have good employees and when I ask other employers what they’re looking for I often hear the following. I want motivated, hard working, focused, determined, driven, positive, coachable employees! So … Read more

Work on you 1st, others 2nd.

I had an interesting topic come up during a coaching session I had this week on self-development. This was my mentor Ali’s new business/personal manager who Ali had sent to me for shadowing and coaching. She shadowed me throughout the day and had asked several questions about how I manage my schedule, motivate my team … Read more

STOP Giving to Takers

My office manager approached me frustrated today. He was upset with a friend of his that never met him half way. My manager felt that he would always help, assist, be fair to his friend but when it came for the friend to return the favor he never truly did his part, at least not … Read more

How to Implement Re-Energizing Change

“Re-Energizing change is often at its most difficult stage, in the implementation phase” – Hayk Tadevosyan During a coaching session with a small business owner a question came up. “My employees won’t take the changes your are suggesting well, they are somewhat negativee towards change and are very comfortable with things now. Not that they … Read more

Anxiety, ADD or Inner Beast? Which one is it?

Often people want to “get rid” of anxiety, anxiousness, over excitement or anything else that can get your heart racing. I have seen modern medicine be used to “control” ADD, Anxiety and many other so called “diagnosed condition”. “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear not a sense of fear” – Mark Twain. Instead … Read more

Good Advice VS Bad Advice

Advice Formula: I’m sure I’m not just speaking for myself but we all need to be humble and modest enough to ask for advice. Most people will love to give advice as we are genetically predisposed to giving advice, it just comes down to the question whether it’s good advice. Just because the advice was … Read more

Clarity – without it don’t even bother

C.A.A.R. or Car, the vehicle used to get you from point A to point B formula. Clarity + Action + Activity = Results Formula Between running multiple businesses, new born, another baby on the way, team management, accounting, fitness and all the relationships I had to keep up with I was beginning to feel the … Read more

Why is Calculated Risk Key in Execution

When analyzing your past you can observe what choices you had made, the results from the choices and learn what worked and what didn’t. Over time when making choices we get wiser with decision making as few hard lessons teach us how to be more conservative towards making choices. Over time and with practice we … Read more